Home Meth Inspections

Meth Inspections are affordable and instant - Our Meth testing services can provide on the spot methamphetamine residue detection in accordance with the Australian Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation Guidelines.


What causes a house to become contaminated above safe levels?

Cooking or manufacturing methamphetamine in a home will cause serious contamination to the inside of the property

Smoking Meth also know as Ice, or Crystal Meth inside a home will contaminate the property beyond safe levels

There are currently 1000's of undetected contaminated properties around Australia, in every city and regional area there are contaminated properties. Until now there has been no way of detecting methamphetamine residue contamination in a property without laboratory testing, this is both time consuming and expensive.

Meth Inspections can now provide Australia wide testing of any property with accurate instant presumptive results. If the contamination of any given surface in a house is exceeds 0.5ug (micrograms) per 100cm2 our methamphetamine testing kits will display a positive reading. The safe level of contamination as outlined by the Australian Government is set at 0.5 micrograms per 100cm2 surface area (10cm x 10cm).


Before you buy your next family home it should be tested for meth - failing to test for this widely spread drug may leave your with not only a $50,000 meth lab clean up bill but also put your families health at risk. Cleaning up a meth house is an expensive process to go through and often involves stripping out kitchens, bathrooms and electrical fixtures and fittings. Don't get caught out, the risk is too high.

Meth Inspections - Your Home Meth Testing Solution